Primarily, international freight forwarding and logistic jobs at Reál-M Kft. are fulfilled by the company’s own fleet, but controlled and reliable subcontractors are also hired in the interest of precise and well-timed delivery of customer orders.

In order to trace and get instant status of deliveries, our vehicles are equipped with GPS devices. Customers can trace and check current position of vehicles on the road on a website or with a smartphone application. In addition to mandatory liability insurance, all vehicles have Casco insurance as well.

Transportation jobs are delivered with a very short deadline.

  1. Export deliveries after placing the order, we can dispatch a truck meeting customer’s requirements in 1 to 2 hours to any European destination. Goods to be delivered to automotive manufacturers in Germany are handed over to the consignee in 10 to 14 hours after loading. Customer benefits need no explanation: unlike long collective transportations, in this case less warehousing capacities and working capital are required to finance goods in transit.

  2. Import deliveries are picked up in 4 to 6 hours and usually delivered in the morning at start of work on the following day.


Delivery orders are accepted after a preliminary consultation, during which the place and date of loading, the place and date of unloading, cargo parameters, freight charge, and the required vehicle are discussed and agreed. All orders placed are recorded in our system, and freight operators reserve the required truck. After that, the order and the corresponding plate number are confirmed to the customer. After handover of goods at the destination, the customer is advised on successfully delivery. Any problems during the delivery are reported to the customer immediately in order to be able to manage the situation as flexible as possible.


Thanks to the continual fleet improvement programme, the average life of our trucks is below 3 years. All vehicles are in excellent aesthetic condition. The Mercedes brand dominates our fleet of 85 trucks. On average, a truck runs 120,000 to 180,000 kilometres on the roads of Europe.

Truck fleet:

  • 21 trucks, each for 5 pallets, payload: 1,100 kg
  • 9 trucks, each for 8 pallets, payload: 1,100 kg
  • 20 trucks, each for 16 pallets, payload: 2,400 kg
  • 22 trucks, each for 18 pallets, payload: 5,500 kg / 33 pallets, payload: 12,000 kg with trailer
  • 13 trucks, each for 34 pallets, payload 24,000 kg

Distribution of fleet emmission standards:

  • 20% is EURO VI-compliant
  • 60% is EURO V-compliant
  • 10% is EURO IV-compliant
  • 10% is EURO III-compliant


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